Question of the month!

In your opinion, out of the birds you breed…which is the most loving and will possibly talk?  I love the Pineapple Green Cheeked Conures and I will always love the Parrolets.  But what is your opinion and what will you have available in about 2 weeks?

Thanks, Rachelle

Hello Rachelle!

Each specie has its personality. If you want one that cuddles and talks, the Quaker might be the best one to choose. They are very affectionate and are good talkers. They are not nippy if treated well and they love to be touched.

Pineapples are also very affectionate and playful but they need a time for training because they go through a nipping stage. Passed that stage (usually in the first months of life), they are  loving and affectionate. Majority of mine never want to stay in the cage. They want to be with you all the time which could be a little demanding on some people. However, they are manageable with a large cage and toys because they like toys.I have one customer that succeeded to have her Green Cheek say several short phrases but majority of them don’t talk, sometimes few words.

Parrotlets are the smallest and the most manageable of the parrots. They are small but very smart. They need attention on a scheduled basis if you don’t have all day but if you are retired, you can enjoy their companionship at any time. Still, I would give them a routine just to give it a sense of security and not to make him or her too spoiled. Male Parrotlets can talk but it is not guaranteed that they will. It all depends on the personality of the bird and on the owner’s patience to repeat the same words till the bird starts to repeat them. Females are not known to talk but one of my customers reported a female talking and I have heard of other breeders saying the same thing about some female parrotlets they sold.

Bourkes are perfect for those people that enjoy a short or long but peaceful interaction and who love to watch a pretty bird in a cage. Bourkes are just enchanting with their shades of colors that you can spend easily hours just watching them. Hand tamed ones are more active than parent raised ones. My Bourkes come on your finger and stay on your shoulder. Hand tamed Bourkes are always sweet, they never bite. That’s the reason why I always recommend them to people with small children.

Continue you research, it is good that you do so :)

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