Shipping Information

Friendly Bird Aviary offers shipping through DELTA PET or UNITED for purchases over $200. If a customer is requesting the shipment of a bird less than $200, his shipment needs to be coordinated with another shipment to cover the expenses and time to go to the airport.  Birds are comfortably placed in a special carrier and taken to the airport for shipment. It is an easy and safe procedure. The airlines offer a variety of flights departing from Orlando, Fl, to any major airport destination in the USA. Some direct flights are very short. One good example is the Delta flight from Orlando, FL , to LaGuardia, NY that takes about 2 hours and thirty minutes. All  deliveries will be arranged prepaid so the customer will not pay anything at pick up. Name, address, and phone number is necessary information for arranging the delivery. A payment through pay-pal must have been processed prior to the delivery arrangements.

Price for shipping with DELTA  PET is $185 ( including one shipping container!) and with UNITED is $135 (including one shipping container!). United offers a wonderful controlled temperature service so it can be used all year around. Shipments  with United are arranged on Saturdays. Shipments with Delta can be arranged anytime  Monday through  Saturday. One shipping container is $35. Multiple shipping containers can be added to the shipping at no extra charge by the airline.

Birds can be insured by Delta for only $0.50 per $100 value. Birds cannot be insured by United without a health certificate.

Friendly Bird Aviary is closed to the public. However, local pick up is available. porn mobile