Looking forward Fall 2023!

Taking names and phone numbers for my Parrotlet and Bourke waiting lists for this Fall 2023! Email me or call to be added.

September 14, Quaker update:

Two Dark Eye Yellow at 4 weeks to finish hand feeding, $750 each.

Breeder quality Dark Eye yellow completely weaned and with DNA male, $950.

Two Green Opalines split to DEY and Turquoise , spring 2023 babies, breeder quality $550 each,

Breeding pair of light turquois Quaker Parrots, 2 years old and very prolific, $1100 for the pair. Contact for more info.

Two light Turquoise oapline split to Dark Eye Yellow, male proven breeder available for $650 each.

One beautiful light Turquoise female proven breeder, 2 years old, $650.

September 14, Parrotlet update:

No baby Parrotlets available till fall 2023 season but several top-quality breeding pairs now available for the hobby breeder. Variety of colors. Contact for more info. Prices are $350-$950 per pair, according to the colors and age.

September 14, Bourke Parakeets update:

Bourkes have been on break for the hot summer months. Some will start reproducing in the fall. Contact for more info on how to have your name added to the waiting list for the fall Parrotlets and Bourkes. Shipping is available through Delta ($225) or USPS ($115) for customers who can’t pick up in Orlando, Florida.

Always feel free to contact for more info. For those reading this who don’t know what an unweaned baby bird is, here is the explanation: an unweaned baby bird needs to be cared for as a newborn child. It will have a cradle and you will have to be able to hand feed 3-4 times a day (no nights!).

Please visit my gallery page for pictures and videos of my birds. Questions are always welcome!

Remember that if searching for a sweet bird for a household with small children or seniors, Bourke Parakeets are the most recommended. They are enchanting with their beautiful colors, soothing with their sweet chirping and gentle when handled (always with careful adult supervision!). They come in a variety of colors. 

Parrotlets are always the most wanted at Friendly Bird Aviary. We take pride in weaning the sweetest Parrotlets that are already trained to hop on your finger and stay on your shoulder. Contact to be on the spring waiting list!

We take Paypal for payments and credit cards (3.5% transaction fee). PayPal email is: myfriendlybirdaviary@gmail.com.  Sometimes Zelle. A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold the bird of your choice till weaning. 

I can be contacted through e-mail (myfriendlybirdaviary@gmail.com) or Facebook messaging. E-mail me for any questions or to be placed on my waiting list for Bourke Parakeets, Quaker Parrots, and  Parrotlets.  You can also call my business number 407-381-3520 (no texting with this number!). Thank you!

Dark Eye Yellow Quaker
Rubino Bourke Parakeet


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