Happy New Year!

2022 spring and summer babies are coming! Waiting list in progress! 

Due to a family emergency, I can be contacted through e-mail (myfriendlybirdaviary@gmail.com) or on my Facebook messaging. E-mail me for any question or to be placed on my waiting list for Bourke Parakeets, Quaker Parrots, Parrotlets and now also Kakarikis. First babies will be hatching starting in March/April 2022 and will be weaned by May and June 2022. More babies will be hatching in May, June and July 2022. If you don’t have Facebook or you if you don’t use e-mail, you can call my business number 407-381-3520 and my husband will take your name an number for my waiting list. Thank you!


Dark Eye Yellow Quaker
Rubino Bourke Parakeet


We’d love to chat with you! Click on a link below to contact us online or by phone at (407) 381-3520.

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