Happy Summer 2022!

2022 summer babies are HERE! 

Few male quakers left from spring 2022. One Dark Eye Yellow, one Blue Opaline and one Green Opaline. All just weaned and ready to bond.

New baby Quaker Parrots ready to hatch this Fourth of July, 2022. Available colors are Green opalines, Blue Opalines, Turquoise Opalines and Dark Eye Yellows. Contact to reserve one or to adopt one to hand feed if you are an experienced hand feeder. It takes 8-9 weeks to wean a Quaker Parrot. Prieces are $950 for a blue or Turquoise Opaline. Darke Eye yellows are $1350. Young babies to hand feed are much cheaper. They are available only for local pick up by experienced hand feeders

Beautiful female Parrotlets just weaned as of 6/21/22 and ready to be adopted. More babies in the nest. Waiting list for males.

Beautiful and sweet baby Bourkes hand feeding. Contact to inquire about availability.

I can be contacted through e-mail (myfriendlybirdaviary@gmail.com) or on my Facebook messaging for quick response. E-mail me for any questions or to be placed on my waiting list for Bourke Parakeets, Quaker Parrots, Parrotlets and now also Kakarikis.  If you don’t have Facebook or you if you don’t use e-mail, you can call my business number 407-381-3520. Thank you!


Dark Eye Yellow Quaker
Rubino Bourke Parakeet


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