My family loves our sweet birds. While we’re known best for our Parrotlets, the Pacific Parrotlet to be exactly, we have so many great birds. The Dark Eye Yellow Quaker Parrot is one that I am especially proud of! My parrots are golden yellow and large! They are majestic and stay this way because I understand the importance of protecting the breed by not inbreeding. It is so very important to source and breed responsibly. Our family strives to be good stewards of these lovely creatures. We’ve had the honor of working with these beauties for about seven years now.

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We also breed the very rare colors of Rubino and Lutino, which are Bourke Parakeets, and are working with a species named Kakarikis. Before they are ready to offer for sale, we learn all that we can about these birds, their breed, their history, their personalities, and more. It is important to us that we honor them and make certain they will be good aviary birds. This testing is part of what sets us apart at Friendly Bird Aviary, we’re not doing this just for money but for the love of sweet companions, lovingly building a legacy of friendly birds as pets. We’re delighted you’ve stopped by, please contact us with any questions.

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