What is the life expectancy of a Pacific Parrotlet?

Pacific Parrotlets could live up to 10-20 years (however, it is more like 8-12  for what I have experienced and for the fact that there have been no new bloodlines imported from the wild in the last 30 years). Life expectancy can be positively influenced by three major factors: good housing, good food, and good genetic history.

What does it mean when a bird is “split”?

That a bird is “split” means that he carries invisible color genes above the visual ones. In other words, if a green Parrotlet is split to “blue”, it means that even if he looks green he is also able to produce blue birds since he carries the genes of green (visual) and blue (not visual).

Can Pacific Parrotlets talk?

Only males have been reported to talk. However, not all males do! It all depends by the bird’s disposition and the ability of the owner to make them talk.  I have received many replies from customers about their males talking at a very young age. Some had learned up to 4 sentences! Of course, their voices are a little muffled and are not as clear as the speech of a large parrot.

What is your health policy?

We guarantee our birds  to be healthy and free of pre-existing illnesses for 72 hours after the purchase. We recommend customers take the new bird to an avian vet to confirm its good health within the first 72 hours.

What is your return policy?

There is no return policy. When a bird is purchased, it cannot be returned!

Are your prices based on colors?

Partially! Parrotlets’ and Green Cheek Conures’ prices are  partially based on the color and mostly on the time and efforts spent weaning one. Weaning a super sweet Parrotlet or Conure is  very time consuming! Bourkes prices are mostly based on color.