It's not just our name, it's our promise.

Friendly Bird Aviary only sells sweet hand tamed birds and quality breeding pairs. We have a very limited production of birds that are selected and weaned one-by-one according to the customer’s desires. We are licensed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and were a member of the International Parrotlet Society.

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Why Friendly Bird Aviary?

Friendly Bird Aviary is a very small “hobby aviary”. It specializes in weaning super friendly baby birds by giving them individualized attention. It breeds only a small quantity of a few species of birds: Bourke Parakeets, Quakers, and Parrotlets. The majority of birds weaned at Friendly Bird Aviary are Parrotlets. Only few clutches of Bourkes and Quakers are weaned in a year. Because of this small production, most of our birds are already reserved by hand feeding time. You can reserve a bird with a small deposit at any time. Since our birds are mainly purchased by people who desire to add a friendly pet bird to their family, we make sure to breed genetically strong birds that could live a healthy life. Our birds are guaranteed friendly and healthy. You are welcome to visit our Facebook page for more pictures, videos and customers' comments of birds we sold and also read our many 5 star ratings on

How do I reserve a Sweet Hand Tamed Bird from Friendly Bird Aviary?

Since our production is very small, majority of our birds are reserved by hand feeding time. However, what has not been reserved and is still available, is listed in the "New Arrival" page. If there is a particular bird that you are interested in, it is highly recommended for you to reserve it. A deposit will give you priority in choosing the color and sex of the type of bird that you want. The deposit is refundable if at the time of weaning the bird you reserved is not friendly or if we are not able to produce the type of bird you requested within 6 months of waiting. Contact us with an e-mail to express your desire of reserving a particular bird. We will be glad to give you instructions on how to proceed with a deposit. The rest of the balance is due only at the time of delivery or pick up. To reserve a bird click here.

Species and Colors of Birds we Breed

Pacific Parrotlets: We have four lines of colors: Dark Greens and Cobalt Blues, Pure Pastels (Blue Pastels and Yellow Pastels),Dilute Blues and Dilute Yellows ,Turquoises , and Turquoise Pieds . Almost all our mutations are bred with green splits, to strengthen the color and the genes. None of our Parrotlet lines are split to Lutino or Fallow.
Quaker Parrots : Blue Opaline Quaker , Green Opaline Quaker , Turquoise Opaline Quaker Parrots , and Dark Eye Yellow Quaker Parrots .
Bourke’s Parakeets : Normals, Rosies, Creams, Pinks, and Rubinos .


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