Parrotlets (Super Tame Baby Pets) Prices

Super tame baby Parrotlets average between $200-$500 depending on color and demand. Females in any color are cheaper than males and they start at $200 for a green female. Males are the most wanted and even greens or blues are a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $600 depending on the rarity or availability of the color. At Friendly Bird Aviary,  majority of the Parrotlet breeders are bred with green splits which makes the colored bird genetically stronger but at the same time less available. If you want to know prices for more rare mutations like Dilute Turquoises or Turquoise Pieds, or Pastel Turquises call or e-mail for more info.

Parrotlet  Prices for Breeding Parrotlets

Prices for Parrotlet  breeders are lower than tame pets. Pets take a lot of time to wean and train, breeders do not require interaction so they are cheaper. However, Turquoise pied breeders and pastel Turquoises are the same price as tame pets because in high demand. Contact for prices and availability.

Bourke Parakeet Prices (Super Sweet Hand Tamed Baby Pets )

Bourke Parakeets’ prices vary according to color and availability. Hand tamed ones are very hard to find so their prices are higher than parent raised ones who are shy of humans. Prices start at $200 for a Normal and reach $500 for a Lutino or Rubino. Untamed Bourkes are cheaper. Contact for availability and prices.

Quaker Prices (Super Sweet Hand Tamed Baby Pets )

At Friendly Bird Aviary we  breed  and wean : Blue Pallid Quakers ($600) and Green Pallid Quakers ($500 each), Dark Eye Yellows ($950) and Turquoise Opalines ($850),.Quakers take 8 to 10 weeks for weaning as pets. So, the time and  care to raise a Quaker as a sweet pet at Friendly Bird Aviary  makes up the monetary value of the bird. An untamed Quaker is cheaper. Breeding pairs vary according to their genetic baggage. Contact for pair  prices. As of late summer 2016, several pairs producing DEY will be available for sale.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Check Available Birds for current prices and specials!